Planning Your Retreat

We will customize an experience to cater to your specific desires. These offerings can vary widely based on your personal needs, intuitive direction, and orientation in your life path. Prices vary and start at $250 for a personal customized day with me as your facilitator.

The gap between thought, action and fulfillment closes.

  • How to connect with your soul, and partner with it to create the life you truly desire.
  • How to set healthy boundaries to protect your resources, time, and energy.
  • How to choose the direction of your life from a place of empowerment and purpose — rather than reacting to the events, people, and circumstances around you.
  • How to develop deeply loving, co-creative partnerships with yourself.
  • How to use energetic techniques — like meditation, alchemy, sama therapy and more — to transform fear and overwhelm into power, refine your mind, and energize your body.
  • How to belong, and know you are truly at home in your body, your life, and in the world.

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I Will Hold the Lantern 4 U:

Dreaming in the Dark is a guided retreat designed to help you feel into the depths of your work . . . to reaffirm your most vital intentions . . . to say goodbye to old stories that entangle you in their thickets.

Above all, it was designed to give you time to dream and dance and shape a new story for your life and your business for the year ahead.

Who is Dreaming in the Dark for?

You’ll love Dreaming in the Dark if you…

  • Have a deep desire to design, build, or grow a business that’s successful, sustainable and fulfills your heart’s desires
  • Love exploring new ways to bring your creativity to life
  • Love imaginative visioning
  • Enjoy learning independently — privately, at home — without the time-pressure of attending a class that’s tied to a particular schedule
  • Feel uncertain (or unenthusiastic) about the direction your business is currently heading — you’d like to infuse creative vision and a new plan that feels more purposeful and vital
  • Love using writing and story-making for personal and professional transformation — or you’re curious to see how this can be done!

Step into your power, to create a life you love, with your soul as compass & guide. How would your life change, if you had the freedom to shape your world to fulfill your deepest desires? Imagine what it would feel like to live, love, work & play from a place of true power — the power to bring your most radiant visions to life.

Sacred Selfcare

Before the world flipped upside down (global pandemic), did you find yourself saying “when things calm down I’ll make time for some self-care ” or “when the time is right I’ll start a consistent self-care practice.” 

Well, the reality is even before the pandemic, life never really slows down. 

Now you might be finding yourself busier than ever with the kids virtual learning, providing three meals a day and working from home!
Or you’re already starting to see yourself working MORE because you’re home all day.
Let me ask you this…
When was this last time you took time in your day consistently to truly honor and nourish yourself? 
If you have to think about it, then it’s probably been too long! 
Most of us are not accustomed to taking the much needed time for ourselves, let alone investing in ourselves in the way we truly deserve.
I know this because up until the past several years I wasn’t fully honoring myself either. I wasn’t living in alignment with my true self. I was working too much and burning out.
It may look like it comes easy for me now, but I didn’t start out that way. I didn’t start investing in myself until I was extremely overwhelmed, and exhausted. I was doing way too much and not prioritizing what was most important to me. 
I knew that my lifestyle was not the path I could continue and there was something bigger out there for me.
In order to become WHO I truly wanted and exactly WHAT I wanted to do in my life, I needed to invest in myself and my health first. 
When you make yourself a priority there is a paradigm shift, not only in your life, but the lives of those around you. It is by no means selfish — we are so conditioned to serve others above ourselves. But how can you help others when you are coming from a place of exhaustion, overwhelm, and anxiousness?
Right now, the entire world is experiencing a paradigm shift… and what if this is your opportunity to change how you show up for yourself?
I want to invite you to Non-Negotiable YOU: an intimate program for women who are ready to amplify their self-care and make it non-negotiable so that you can feel calm and grounded even during stressful situations.