I believe bodywork is essential to living a holistic life.

Treatment begins the moment you arrive. Fall into contemplation with a simple act of clearing. Begin with a healing foot soak to remove obstacles. Rejuvenate your soul with hand blended seasonal elixirs. Express your needs & wishes during your consultation. With years of expertise and intuition, I will listen deeply to custom tailor your treatment to what best serves you. I invite you to allow your body to absorb the after treatment glow, enjoy a refreshment, allow yourself a few quiet moments to become present before reconnecting with the world.

To create a more nurturing experience – massage treatments are scheduled for 90 to 150 minutes and include complimentary spa menu choices such as – steaming towels, therapeutic grade essential oils, dry brushing, hot stones or other seasonal bonus bliss to heighten your mind-body awareness & sense of pleasure.

Massage & Bodywork 90 – 120 mins

Experience a range of therapeutic bodywork crafted for you and your body. Melt away stress on our warmed table. Life made glorious with our very own handcrafted bodycare products, essential oils, hydrosols, and hot foot towels in session. Crafted with love, intention and skill, a living piece of art with you at the core. The tension and stress that drains your energy and steals your enthusiasm for life is replaced by a sense of wholeness, contentment and calmness.

Thai Yoga Massage 90 – 150 mins

Unwind & Decompress the knots of the soul in this luscious two-hour mat treatment. Touch into deeper meditative states as your sense of time dissolves. Perfect for those who feel stuck in their heads, the UNRAVEL is a way to experience physical, mental and spiritual bliss. Let go. Do nothing. Maintain self-compassion and open-hearted posture toward life. Wear loose fitting clothes and enjoy a traditional Eastern style body treatment performed on comfortable floor mat.

Natural Face Lift- 30mins

Deep Shiatsu for the Face Known as ‘The Eastern Face Lift’ , Gua Sha is the original anti-aging treatment of Traditional Chinese Medicine. This 100% hands-on facial technique stimulates vital energy points along the face to release toxins, reduce sagging skin or discoloration, eliminate stagnant chi, and improve overall appearance. A highly effective therapeutic treatment not to be missed! Replenishing serum & mask.

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