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Are you hurrying most of the time, multi-tasking and managing responsibilities when what you really crave is a bit of calm? A woman needs to first be in her body to feel her body. I can help you to be more present and bring greater harmony to all aspects of your life, as well as commit to nurturing yourself in the midst of life’s demands.

You may be feeling a quiet call to reconnect with yourself  & the natural world. To indulge in sacred pleasures – To savour the spray of rose water, the glisten of organic oil on skin & the joy of being fully alive in the present moment. It is my personal pleasure to care for you with each session and to hand blend each body treatment.

I invite you to practice the pause. Wind down with a warm, foot soak & connect to what best serves you in your body & life. After your treatment, there will be time to become present before reconnecting with the world.

To allow for a more nurturing experience – Hour massage treatments are scheduled for 90 mins, 1.5 hour massages for 120 mins

1.Relax – breathe deeply. Spa elements such as steaming towels, therapeutic grade essential oils, dry brushing, warm bamboo or hot stones may be offered to heighten your mind-body awareness & sense of pleasure. The tension and stress that drains your energy and steals your enthusiasm for life is replaced by a sense of wholeness, contentment and calmness. Monthly or bi-weekly sessions are recommended for maintenance and the build up of daily stress.

2. Heal- treatment plans focus on supporting your body’s natural ability to heal itself. My clients report reduced body pain, ease of movement, lessened anxiety &  deeper sleep. I work with each client to craft an individualized treatment plan to address functional goals, live with more ease and experience more pleasure in life. Chronic & acute health issues, limited mobility, new injuries or long standing unhealthy patterns often require effort and patience. My holistic approach will help sooth your tension and help you recover- clinical techniques are combined with nurturing spa elements to keep you motivated on your goals.  I take HSA/FSA payments and can provide a super bill for out of net work medical massage.

3. Move – meditative, gentle, firm compressions are blended with Thai yoga principles to help you move & feel better and cultivate vibrant energy. It’s more participatory and your feedback is valued. Deeply, nurturing and comforting in a way that invites you to relax and holdings to release, unwinding physical, mental, and emotional patterns. You may choose to focus on your breathing and most natural ways of moving. Regular treatments help us find and maintain self-compassion, open-hearted and open-minded posture toward life.

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Medicupping for Face & Body

Natural Face Lift The massage cups lift the skin and release layers of tissue allowing improved  function by facilitating lymphatic circulation and natural collagen production. A wonderful and effective alternative to a chemical or surgical facelift. Breathe in a petite rose garden during the subtle aromatherapy treatment. Includes charcoal cleansing, massage of neck, face, & décolleté. Organic products are used to enhance circulation, stimulate lymph flow and relax facial muscles. This treatment reduces fine lines, improves skin tone and incorporates Chinese acupressure. Finishes with an organic hand blended mask.

Healthy Body  Medicupping is safe, effective and non invasive (no cup marks). This treatment has truly impressed those who experience it’s subtle power. It has many applications. It facilitates lymphatic drainage for the whole body and is an incredibly relaxing hour long treatment. Effective on scar tissue, high blood pressure, fibromyalgia, plantar fasciitis, TMJ, sciatic issues, low back pain, IBS. Read More HERE



Luxurious. effective. nontoxic.