Pregnancy Doesn’t Have to be Uncomfortable. Prenatal massage is a form of bodywork that has been performed for ages.  In the old days, healers and midwives performed massage treatments from preconception, throughout pregnancy, and even during labor- all to ensure the best outcomes for both mother and baby.  I am grateful to carry on this tradition.

Prenatal massage is a wonderful way to honor your perinatal year. We modify aspects of traditional massage with the pregnant body in mind to ensure the utmost comfort during sessions.  Not only is it relaxing, but numerous studies have shown that regular massage throughout pregnancy and into postpartum has an extraordinary number of benefits. Learn More

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Kirkland Studio & East-side Mobile Services are available for your convenience – Infants are welcomed.

Pregnancy – Table & Mat Treatments

The nine-month journey of nurturing is a special time for both mother and child. Pregnancy massage focuses on preparing the body for childbirth and recovery. Specifically designed for relaxation, physical relief and nurturing. Focusing on areas of stress – neck & shoulders, low back, hips, tired legs and swollen feet. Relieves headaches and muscle tension, improves sleep and reduces water retention and stretch marks. A wonderful way to support your body before, during and after pregnancy. During the recovery phase after delivery, the focus is on improving muscle tone, abdominal care, regulating hormone levels and relaxation so new mothers can get “back to normal”.


wear comfortable clothing & enjoy a blissful cozy mat treatment. I blend Thai Yoga & bodywork principles to support your pregnancy & childbirth. Designed to ease your hip and low back and mid shoulder discomfort. Techniques are used to relieve both muscles and connective tissue below the surface, which are going through many changes. I use gentle body compressions and yoga to improve your body comfort and eliminate pain naturally. Bonus: you’ll be in a super comfy side lying position with the perfect amount of support pillows.

Postpartum – Rest. Relax. Recover. You Deserve it.

Gently ease into motherhood- now isn’t the time to forget your self-care. Postpartum massage supports the new mother’s recovery from labor and birth, as well as the physical and emotional transition into motherhood.

Wow, you did it! Congratulations, Mom! While it is so incredibly exciting to finally have your baby out of your womb and in your arms, don’t forget the postpartum body still needs a lot of healing time, as it has just gone through the herculean efforts of pregnancy and labor.

Together we can work on discomforts that may have arisen after labor or with the new responsibilities of newborn care, or ones that may have carried over from the pregnancy. Postpartum massage helps to gently ease your body back into its normal, happy resting state. Learn More


Gift Certificates & recovery packages are available. I take HSA/FSA payments and can provide a super bill for out of net work medical massage.