Life Harmony

Compassionate, Respectful & Intuitive

Do you want someone who listens and respects your inner wisdom? Being present with you and supporting your self connection is the foundation of my practice.

What I believe:

I believe that women have an incredible capacity to be strong and to give with all their heart. The paradox of instinctively caring and contributing  towards the well-being of others and forgetting yourself can be harmful to your own health, your most important relationships and compromise your ability to show up whole heartedly in the world. I help women develop stress resiliency skills and live their best life.

I am passionate about supporting women choose strategies based on their particular needs and season in life. I offer authentic tools and teach practices that help you tune in and gain clarity about which areas you would like support with.

Wellness Education & Life Coaching helps you shift …….

What would this look like for you?  For many this means:

  • living more compassionately with self and others
  • living a life that is driven by your internal values—as opposed to external or societal values
  • living from a place of contentment, rather than a place of fear (and making decisions that are reflective of this)
  • anticipating and responding to circumstances, rather than reacting to them
  • making choices aligned with who you want to be & living your best life
I offer Individual  coaching for women in person and online for your convenience.