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Being present with my clients and supporting their own self connection is the foundation of my practice. I help women who want to experience more pleasure in their lives, break free from body pain and create a life they love. I’m blessed to share my passion for natural therapies with women as they learn to relax & recover from the damaging effects of daily stress. I offer holistic touch therapies, organic body care and teach wellness practices based on your specific needs and goals. I have two decades of experience supporting women in clinical and spa settings. I offer holistic coaching, advanced Bodywork & Spa therapies and Compassionate Communication sessions.

A perfect way to begin life transition or a celebration such as a baby shower, graduation or marriage.

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Women’s Wellness Circle & Herbal Foot Soak Socials

Workshops & Wellness Fairs

Women’s Retreats

1-1 & Group Coaching


 & Popular Workshops:
 Pleasure Based Self Care for Women
DIY Home Spa Rituals & Recipes
Touch Therapy: Self Massage for Stress Relief