Life Coaching


My clients seek my support when they know it’s time to calm the chaos & keep promises they made with themselves. They’re ready to shift from longing for a wonderful life to actually creating a life they love.

In our sessions, we practice slowing down & tuning in.

I help women:

Cultivate calm & effective ways to recover from the damaging effects of daily stress.

Discover what truly works for them and embody confidence while voicing it.

Living skillfully and effectively while experiencing clarity, action, satisfaction and rest.

Our work together is about practicing self compassion & honoring the life coaching process because the world needs whole women, who are present and fully engaged.

I have two decades of experience supporting hundreds of women – in various ways, one-to-one in office and spa settings, in small groups, weekend workshops, and seasonal retreats. I have personally experienced the benefits of life coaching and the power of compassionately investing in myself. My wish is that every women who wants to say Yes! to this opportunity will accept the challenge…..

I offer discovery sessions to help initiate the change you desire & provide important guidance. You may want to explore a current challenge or question, I share tools to help you tap into your intuition and identify other strengths. The coaching process is designed to support YOU in identifying  your next steps & to ensure you have support to make lasting changes that serve you.
You may choose to invest several weeks or months. We will co-create an agreement around session length, frequency & any other support you may need. For example, some clients request email or text support especially when establishing new habits or cultivating ways of being in between sessions.

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