Being present with my clients and supporting their own self connection is the foundation of my practice. I help women who want to experience more pleasure in their lives, break free from body pain and move with ease.I’m blessed to share my passion for natural therapies with women as they learn to relax & recover from the damaging effects of daily stress. I offer holistic touch therapies, organic body care and teach wellness practices based on¬†your specific needs and goals.I have two decades of experience supporting women in clinical and spa settings. I received training in holistic health coaching, advanced Bodywork & Spa therapies and Compassionate Communication.

  • Mobile Spa Parties & Herbal Foot Soak Socials
  • Workshops & Wellness Fairs
  • Women’s Retreats
  • 1-1 & Group Coaching


One of my goals with social soaks is to foster enhanced connection and care between people in our busy society. There is true healing to be found simply in the company of others. The foot soak experiences revive our heritage of health & spa culture – anchored to a deep human need for shared relaxation. I invite you to slow down, hang out and relax with friends and family.

There are so many benefits to be gained by taking care of your feet. We abuse them every day and yet they form our roots and foundation for moving through our daily lives. The mobility and flexibility of the foot and ankle profoundly impact the health of our knees, hips, backs, and necks. You will be amazed at how taking the time to nourish your roots can help you stand taller, move easier and be freer of pain. Taking care of your feet is taking care of your whole self.

Foot soaks can be customized with a special blend of herbs that helps target your needs. The herbal ingredients all have medicinal properties that can be absorbed through the skin and also through inhalation. I offer blends for relaxation, mental clarity, pain relief, immune support and more. Enjoy a hydrotherapy foot soak anywhere. Also, all of the foot soaking salts blends are made from 100% natural ingredients and free of synthetic fumes, dyes, and chemicals.

Spa parties are a perfect way to enjoy a ladies night in, celebrate a life transition such as a baby shower, graduation or marriage.

Call to Set up a private foot soak party or Spa Party. tel: 425-269-5305


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