• Prenatal Massage Reduces the Muscular and Structural Discomforts of Pregnancy: The body goes through huge amounts of change during the 9 or so months you carry your child. Ligaments loosen and joints expand in order to fit the growing baby. All of this movement can cause muscular and joint pain- many women experiencing the brunt of it in the pelvis, low back and upper back. Prenatal Massage is a safe, effective form of pain relief. Numerous studies show that women experience a significant reduction in pain when receiving regular prenatal massage.

  • Receiving regular Prenatal Massage can help to reduce pain during labor: A study performed in England showed that women who received regular pregnancy massage during their last trimester reported much less intense pain during their labor compared to women who did not.

  • Prenatal Massage can help relieve many common discomforts during pregnancy: These include headaches, sciatica, fatigue, GERD, varicose veins, edema, carpal tunnel, and more.

  • Prenatal Massage Improves blood flow to nourish you and baby: During pregnancy, blood volume is increased substantially in order to help create baby- from 4 liters at conception to 6 liters at full term. Massage aids in circulation of all this blood, to bring oxygen and nourishment to your womb and baby, and to take away metabolic waste.

  • Prenatal Massage helps decrease Anxiety, Stress, and Depression during and after pregnancy:  Prenatal massage is effective in reducing elevated cortisol levels, present in many women who are experiencing any sort of stress, anxiety, or depression during their pregnancy.  Massage has also been found to increase endorphin and oxytocin levels. Oxytocin is a hormone necessary for healthy birthing, bonding, and breastfeeding once baby has finally been born. Additionally, women who receive regular prenatal massage report fewer symptoms of stress and depression after giving birth, during the postpartum period.​​



  • Postpartum Massage Helps to Reduce Stress, Depression, and Anxiety: New moms often get tossed into very stressful situations when caring for their newborns. Studies show that massage during pregnancy and postpartum helps to reduce cortisol and adrenaline, hormones associated with stress. It has also been shown to increase endorphins and oxytocin, hormones that facilitate not only a good mood, but also easier connection between the mother and her baby.

  • Postpartum Massage Relieves Many Aches and Pains: Labor can be a difficult and arduous process. Often, women can carry over muscular aches and pains from pregnancy, or start to feel new ones after labor, and with care of the newborn. Massage is safe and effective in relieving these very common discomforts.

  • Postpartum Massage Helps Encourage Sleep and Reduce Fatigue: Many women find themselves not sleeping quite right, or quite as much as they’d like during Postpartum. Massage helps to encourage restful sleep and gives you an hour or more of “you” time, just to relax.

  • Postpartum Massage Can help to Encourage Breastfeeding & Milk Production: Massage has been shown to help the body produce and circulate adequate amounts of prolactin: a hormone necessary for proper milk production. Postpartum massage can also center around reducing stress and tension in the arms, neck, and shoulders in order to make the entire experience more comfortable for mom and baby.

  • Postpartum Massage helps to increase abdominal and Pelvic Recovery, and ensure proper healing of C-Section scars: After Pregnancy, the abdomen has a lot of adjusting to do! Abdominal Massage shortly after birthing can help ensure organs return to their proper positions. If baby was delivered via C-Section, we can work to reduce the scar tissue build up and ensure that it heals properly.