Nourish Your Mind, Body and Soul

Providing feminine healthcare & nurturing experiences for 20 years.


Navigate Life With Grace – integrating your deepest desires with intuitive coaching tools. Make better choices & take powerful action in personal or professional situations. Manage your energy and learn how to effectively communicate what would be most supportive for you as you make changes.

1 Month ~ 3 Months Packages for Postpartum, Spiritual Companioning, Self Care & Personal Retreats.


Massage Journey – loving kindness based on movement, breath and harmony.

Beyond the physical and energetic attributes you can get from Movement Based Massage being actively involved and passively immersed in a relaxing a rejuvenating experience unlike any other & allows your body to release patterns of tension that hold trauma & restore wellness.

Nurturing Life

Are you preparing for the uncertainty of the 2020-21 school year? Alternative education mentoring – Respectful & gentle parenting Infants – College age topics, family life coaching & raising Highly Sensitive Children.

Bring your challenges and dreams. Receive the support & personalized resources you need to nurture your child & care for yourself so you can feel more calm, connected and confident.

Sakinah Sanctuary & Peer Circle

10am Seattle Time Weekly Zoom Session

Nurturing Ourselves, Nurturing Our Children

Reduce Fall Overwhelm & Find Freedom

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Optional Physical Distance Or Online Events

Women In The Woods Wednesday

9:30-10:45 am Wednesdays – Urban Forest Hike

Physical Distancing & Eco-therapy

Contemplative Practices & Gentle Accountability

Community Well-Being Offering

Soulful Healthcare & Seasonal Restorative Retreats

Prenatal & Postpartum Care Plans

Kirkland, Mobile & Virtual Options

Deeper Selfcare

Prevent Burnout & Renew Your Vitality

Postpartum Coaching Packages
  • Prenatal & Postpartum traditional mother care. Bless your transition with 40 days of after care. Focus on healing your own body & bonding with your baby. Ancient body care wisdom for modern mothers. Weekly support via Zoom/calls. Local in home Massage can be arranged.
The Secret to Unlocking Your Stress
  • The 4 C’s of Vitality is a new take on self care that goes deeper for a renewed sense of aliveness, joy and connection. I help you recover from burn out. We focus on clarity, connection, calendaring and contrast. In just one month, your practice will be clear and you will have the support you need to make healthy changes.
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Kristen Jawad M.Ed, LMT, ELI-MP
Kristen Jawad M.Ed, LMT, ELI-MP

BodyMind Coach & Owner
As a wife, mother and business owner, I understand the challenges of integrating effort, rest & pleasure. I help women integrate their deepest desires so they can make great choices & take powerful action in personal & professional settings. Clients seek me out for my empathic presence, deep listening skills & gentle way of inspiring & evoking the best in others.

As a Life Coach, Spiritual Companion & Healthcare Provider, I work closely with you as discover the power of your observations and your needs so you can calm your nervous system and optimize your daily experience in the world. We focus on building your capacity to deal effectively and compassionately with uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity and change in your own life. I use my curiosity, creativity & compassionate listening skills with women who are:
Navigating Major Life Transitions (illness, divorce, career change.
Welcoming Newborns & Preparing a Postpartum Care Plan
Feeling Burned Out as Parents, Caregivers, Educators or Healthcare Professionals
Struggling with Creating & Maintaining Healthy Self-Care Habits
Looking For Safe Space to Dive Deep & Explore Living Their Deepest Values.