Welcome, I’m Kristen Jawad
Licensed Healthcare Provider & Master Level Educator & Coach.

To ensure that I give each one of you the best possible care & attentiveness – I limit the sessions I hold each week.

Something magical happens when you say YES to yourself!

What if in just a few weeks, despite a global pandemic, you are able to look back upon this time as the opportunity you took to really learn how to nurture yourself so that no matter what happens, you know you can show up strong and healthy for everyone else around you without burning out?  Are you ready?  

Hands On Healing

Dedicate Time Each Month – Personalized Wellness Plans

When was this last time you took time in your day consistently to truly honor and nourish yourself? 
If you have to think about it, then it’s probably been too long! 

I want to invite you to Non-Negotiable YOU: an intimate program for women who are ready to amplify their self-care and make it non-negotiable so that you can feel calm and grounded even during stressful situations.

1-1 Coaching

Illuminate a Sanctuary in Your Heart that Supports and Nourishes You

You may want to explore a current challenge or question, I share tools to help you tap into your intuition and identify other strengths. The coaching process is designed to support YOU in identifying your next steps & to ensure you have support to make lasting changes that serve you.

After our first session, you may choose to invest in a few sessions or 3 – months. We will co-create an agreement around session length, frequency & any other support you may need.

Caring for Caregivers

Receive the Best Care During Each Season In Your Life

Navigating Eldercare, Career, Kids, Life…. Care Giver Burn Out is Real!

Trying to balance caregiving with career, raising kids, and having a life?

Do you want:

Answers to caregiver questions?

Help making time for you?

A way to bring joy back into your life?

A roadmap for this phase of your life?

A caregiving plan?

Memberships & Packages

I invite you to slow down & restore yourself from the damaging effects of daily stress.
Savor the spray of rosewater
put your thoughts to rest,
become more connected to your heart, your breath, and your body-wisdom.

I partner with you to dissolve stress & reconnect with your body so you can tap into your power, presence & pleasure. My approach is reflective, intuitive & compassionate. Many of my clients identify as Highly Sensitive & are awakening to integrating well-being in all aspects of life.
I am an independent therapist with 1000+ hours of training – experience in diverse client work and multidisciplinary approach in bodymind healing modalities. 

SEE HERE 3 Levels of Membership

Personalized Healthcare & Educational Programs

I believe that Selfcare is Healthcare – stress management is the medicine of the future and WebMD agrees. In this article, WebMD tells us that 75%-90% of ALL doctors visits are for stress related illnesses!

I teach you to use healing methods to help your body increase its natural resilience to stress and keep those stress related symptoms at bay – for the long term.

“Thank you so much for such a nurturing, supportive and loving weekend. I admire and value so deeply that you not only set such a positive example of good self-care, you so deeply practice what you ‘preach’ and that means a lot to me.” ~Solo Retreat Guest

“I’ve had several years of medical massage therapy and Kristen is quite talented. She has a knack for finding the difficult spots and a graceful effective way to get the whole body fluidly functioning and the various parts talking to each other again. She knows how to treat pregnant women – I am very conservative with who I choose and I will definitely be back. Highly recommend. Grateful!” ~BodyMind Client

 “The connection and sharing with other women was incredibly valuable. The sacred, safe space created and the tools given to us to use at home made this a rich and potent experience. Thank you Kristen for sharing your love and being committed to teaching self-care.” ~Group Coaching Client

Life Coaching Client Transformations

“Not only is Kristen my life coach, she’s also my soul whisperer. Through our mentoring partnership, I have accessed a level of strength, confidence, and leadership that, up until this point in my entrepreneurial journey, had remained elusive.

Through my work with Kristen, I have an integrated my strengths, values and gained a clear understanding of how all the parts of my life work together. Weaving time in for selfcare, strategy, and intuition into our sessions.

Grounding. Refreshing. Real. Sustainable. Magical. Practical. Wise. I’ve never felt more held or supported in my business goals and creative process.

She doesn’t tell me what to do or how to do it, she teaches me how to listen to my own guidance and partner with myself. Kristen is a co-creative, collaborative partner in the truest sense of the word.

Working with her is the best investment I’ve ever made in myself and my small business. ” ~J.B. Seattle, Soloprenuer

“Kristen Jawad is my go-to self care expert. She is a master of teaching women to thrive. She awakened me to my gifts & resilience. She brings a powerful combination of scientific facts and heartfelt compassion to everything that she shares. I would recommend her to anyone for guidance & empowerment.” ~Fatima H. Redmond, SDE

Are you curious about the proven benefits of coaching? Perhaps you’d like to experience:

~ A confidential space for exploring options and growing

~ Enhanced emotional self-regulation
~ Improved communication and social skills
~ Uplifted interpersonal relationships

~ Greater happiness, pleasure and satisfaction

~ Intuition, self-trust and goal attainment 

~ Stress and pain reduction 

~ Improved vitality and quality of life

~ Better overall health and well-being

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