Nourish Your Mind, Body and Soul

BodyMind Coaching, Massage, Seasonal Retreats & Time in Nature.

I partner with women to intuitively create an action plan for personal growth & wellbeing experiences. BodyMind coaching helps my clients form healthy habits and attitudes to move forward in life. BodyMind coaching incorporates bodywork, massage, and other sensory focused activities to help clients interpret the signals their bodies are attempting to send them, as well as soothe chronic physical symptoms that may be lingering due to an emotional component. Building a healthy relationship between the body and the mind sets people up to be able to make positive life choices, release emotions, create positive habits, and transition through difficult phases of life with more ease.

I use my curiosity, creativity & compassionate listening skills with women who are:

Navigating Major Life Transitions (illness, divorce, career change)

Welcoming Newborns & Preparing for Motherhood

Feeling Burned Out? Parents, Caregivers, Educators & Healthcare Professionals

Struggling with Creating & Maintaining Healthy Self-Care Habits

Guided Experiences

Sakinah Sanctuary & Peer Circle

Weekly Group Coaching Online

Nurturing Ourselves, Nurturing Loved Ones

Reduce Overwhelm & Find Freedom

Weekly Inspiration & Gentle Accountability

Experiential Skill Development

Illuminated LifeWays

Guided Forest Session

Connect with Source & enjoy the health benefits of simply being in the forest

Explore the sacred text of the natural world

Explore your true essential being

Seasonal Infusions

Soak, Sip & Relax


Unplug to Recharge

Soulful Healthcare & Restorative Retreats

Spa Treatments, Massage & Personal Retreats can also be arranged – stay in my Airbnb, spend a luxurious day or two. Slow down to replenish your well spring. Leave behind the rising tide of demands, responsibilities and urgent calls for your time, energy and attention, and turn to embrace your own deep desires. Now booking October, November & December. Let’s discuss your stay & design your unique experience.

Journey Through Motherhood

Postpartum Care

Kirkland, Mobile & Virtual Options

Deeper Selfcare

Prevent Burnout & Renew Your Vitality

Postpartum Coaching Packages
  • Connecting to your body, embracing your power, and building radical self-care skills to enter a new phase of life makes giving birth and caring for a newborn easier, less intimidating, and more fulfilling. This coaching program gives moms the support and tools they need to have the experience they want in late pregnancy, delivery, and the postpartum period. 
  • Programs are tailored to the individual client. Local in home Massage can be arranged.
The Secret to Unlocking Your Stress
  • BodyMind Coaching is perfect for helping you tune into the wisdom your body wants to share with you. These skills aid in feeling confident, calm, fulfilled, and ready to transition into a new chapter of life. If you feel “stuck” in life or poor habits, BodyMind Coaching will help move you towards becoming the person you were meant to be. The 4 C’s of Vitality is a new take on self care that goes deeper for a renewed sense of aliveness, joy and connection. We focus on clarity, connection, calendaring and contrast.
Kristen Jawad M.Ed, LMT, ELI-MP
Kristen Jawad M.Ed, LMT, ELI-MP

BodyMind Coach & Owner
As a wife, mother and business owner, I understand the challenges of integrating effort, rest & pleasure. I help women integrate their deepest desires so they can make great choices & take powerful action in personal & professional settings. Clients seek me out for my empathic presence, deep listening skills & gentle way of inspiring & evoking the best in others.

As a Life Coach, Spiritual Companion & Healthcare Provider, I work closely with you as discover the power of your observations and your needs so you can calm your nervous system and optimize your daily experience in the world. We focus on building your capacity to deal effectively and compassionately with uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity and change in your own life.

Looking for safe space to dive deep & explore living your values? I partner with clients to create culturally sensitive & trauma informed session. I have been providing healthcare & educational experiences since 1997.

Giving From The Heart & a Caring Economy

Many of my own needs are met through this meaningful work – connection, creativity, learning & contribution – supporting women who would not have access to programs like mine is something I approach with consideration. I recognize how challenging it can be to summon courage to invest in your own well-being & nurture your own needs. If financial resources are a barrier – Let’s work it out together.

Postpartum Plan for Newborn Moms

I have 16 years of experience in pregnancy healthcare & specialized training in culturally responsive & trauma informed mother care. Including safe massage, client education, and therapeutic techniques from multiple modalities to provide a thorough treatment at each session. Learn more about massage & supporting mothers – here.