One or two luxurious days just for you — to create, transform and grow into the next phase of your own evolution. Leave behind the rising tide of demands, responsibilities and urgent calls for your time, energy and attention, and turn to embrace your own deep desires, which are the voice of your soul calling you to your Being-ness.

Spa Therapies, Massage & Life Coaching can be arranged during your solo-retreat.

It Would Be My Pleasure! Love,

Kristen Jawad
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New Mothers Benefit from Bodymind Coaching

Pregnancy – The nine-month journey of nurturing is a special time for both mother and child. Pregnancy massage focuses on preparing the body for childbirth and recovery. Specifically designed for relaxation, physical relief and nurturing. Focusing on areas of stress – neck & shoulders, low back, hips, tired legs and swollen feet. Relieves headaches and …

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