Welcome, I'm Kristen Jawad<br>Licensed Healthcare Provider & BodyMind Educator
Welcome, I’m Kristen Jawad
Licensed Healthcare Provider & BodyMind Educator

I invite you to slow down & restore yourself from the damaging effects of daily stress.

Savor the spray of rosewater
put your thoughts to rest,
become more connected to your heart, your breath, and your body-wisdom.

I partner with you to dissolve stress & reconnect with your body so you can tap into your power, presence & pleasure. My approach is reflective, intuitive & compassionate. Many of my clients identify as Highly Sensitive & are awakening to integrating well-being in all aspects of life.

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Bodymind Coaching is a healing & restorative approach that integrates therapeutic techniques + insights from wisdom that lives in your body.

Solo Retreat

Slow down to replenish your well spring.

Leave behind the rising tide of demands, responsibilities and urgent calls for your time, energy and attention, and turn to embrace your own deep desires.

Let’s design your unique experience.

A wellness retreat is very different than just booking a room at a hotel, it may include meals, yoga, massage, hiking, demos, etc. and it has become difficult for many retreats to run a program with Covid19 restrictions in place. A Solo Mini Retreat is perfect.

Green Therapy

Unplug to Recharge

Connect with Source & enjoy the health benefits of simply being in the forest

Explore the sacred text of the natural world

Explore your true essential being & innate nature (fitrah)

Vitamin Nature – increase wellbeing, reduce depression, anxiety and stress-related symptoms, and expand your movement with nature

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